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Hi Better Lifers,

Well, it’s been a little over a year since our Shark Tank episode aired and so much has happened. The past year has been a very exciting time for Better Life and we owe it all to our fans. What a whirlwind!

People ask us all the time, “How did you prepare?” We always chuckle at that one because we THOUGHT we had prepared, but let’s face it… who is ever really 100% ready for the tank? We set up a social “war room” the night of the airing to man social media; we ramped up bandwidth so that one million people at a time could cruise our website; we even called in friends and family to come in over the weekend to help answer phones and pack orders. We should have been set, right?

The weekend help we thought we needed turned into 30 days to catch up on the 10,000 orders that rolled in during the month of November and December! And just when we thought the majority of orders had been fulfilled, they just kept rolling-in because most of us these days do a little something called, wait for it, DVR-ing — not to mention reruns and syndication.

 Of course, everyone is so curious as to what has happened in this year following “The Tank.” Below are just some highlights. We know this year will be very exciting for us as well and one day we hope to reach our goal of removing all toxic chemicals from every home in America. It’s a lofty one, we know, but well worth the effort. 

We very much appreciate your loyalty and evangelism and hope you’ll stick with us for the next part of the journey. We couldn’t have done it without all of our Better Lifers. With your support, we are helping keep kids, pets and the planet safe. For that, we thank you!


Show Highlights:

Co-Founder, Kevin Tibbs, sprayed the what-EVER! all purpose cleaner in his mouth as a finale to three amazing demos showing the power of the Better Life natural cleaners.

All 5 sharks offered a deal.

Deal struck with Lori Greiner was $400,000 for 17%- if the amount was paid back within 3 years, the equity stake reduces to 7%


Post-show News:

 We doubled our Manufacturing capability

Added 6 new team members

Installed two solar array panels on the roof of our manufacturing facility and purchased a new bottle mold to increase post consumer recycled content in our packaging.

Added new retail chains: Meijer, Marianos, select Target Stores

Significantly expanded our international presence in Bermuda, Canada, throughout the EU and Korea

Cleanhappens.com has grown an amazing 645% 

Better Life was named the 503rd fastest growing company in the US by Inc. Magazine

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