Naturally Easy Pre-Party Cleaning Tips

Hosting a holiday party for 10, 20, or 50???


Bring. It. On!


Let’s face it, no matter how beautifully decorated your living room is, or how many hours you spent meticulously arranging seating in perfect little conversational groups, the party always seems to gather around the kitchen. (Especially in a home with an open floor plan.) Don’t try to fight it, embrace it! And let Better Life help you get ready.


“Naturally”, our three core products what-EVER! All-Purpose Cleaner Simply Floored (floor cleaner) and I Can See Clearly Wow (glass cleaner) will get the majority of your kitchen squeaky clean!


Now do yourself a favor and add Better Life’s Specialty Surface Kit to your cleaning lineup! You won’t be disappointed!



Cue the holiday music…


Let’s start with all of the stainless. Everything from your kitchen sink and major appliances, to your toaster and teakettle are likely stainless! (We watch HGTV too!) Better Life’s natural stainless steel cleaner, Einshine, can get all the metal-clad surfaces in your kitchen gleaming like silver bells! Just give the bottle a shake and spray Einshine onto a microfiber cloth. Apply to your metal surface, wiping with the grain. Then flip the cloth over and buff with the dry side of the cloth. All those fingerprints, butter smears, and dried on food bits disappear leaving you with a shining surface that is resistant to future smudges!


Now let’s get to all the wood surfaces in your kitchen. Cabinets, butcher blocks, and window sills will be clean, conditioned and glowing after using Better Life’s natural wood cleaner, OAK-Y-DOKEY. Forget about dealing with that faux-lemon scented, waxy polish that leaves a residue! OAK-Y-DOKEY actually cleans the wood surfaces in your kitchen without harming the finish. Simply shake, spray and buff with a clean microfiber cloth. Wipe down cabinets, wood tables, chairs, woodwork, & wainscoting… it even works great on leather!


Don’t forget about the stone surfaces too—counter tops, floors, backsplash, and hearths. Get all of your high-end stone (granite, quartz, marble, concrete, slate, limestone) sparkling like tinsel without worrying about damage to their finish with Better Life’s natural stone and counter top cleaner, Take It For Granite. With no streaks or haziness, Take It For Granite cleans and protects and doesn’t leaving behind any toxic residues to spoil the party. Just spray and wipe with a clean microfiber cloth.


Now that your kitchen is ready for the onslaught of guests, let’s party!

And don’t worry, Better Life natural cleaning products will be here to help you clean up afterwards, as well. Automatic Magic natural dishwasher detergent will do the work for you with all the dishwasher loads. Use Dish It Out natural dish soap for your hand-washed dishes. Watch it cut through the grease in your baked-on pots and the lipstick marks on your delicate crystal! Cleaning up will be a gingersnap!



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