Sigh No More Over Your Winter Floor

Natural cleaning product that is safe to use on any floor surface.

It’s the end of November, which means the cold, snowy weather has already begun for most of the US and Canada. Winter wonderlands are beautiful…when left outside. But when they get trudged through the house, boy do they leave a mess behind! The salty, muddy slush is bad news and can leave your floors stained and scratched.

Luckily, there are two simple things you can do to help this prevent damage. first simple thing you can do prevent winter damage to your floors, is to clean them more frequently. Removing the wintery slush from the floor quickly will keep it from drying and settling into the finish. Better Life has created a powerhouse floor-cleaning product called Simply Floored. Unlike commercial and homebrewed cleaning products, Simply Floored is a pH neutral, natural cleaning product that is safe to use on any floor surface. Simply Floored’s formula is so powerful that you only need a little squirt and a damp mop to get your floors spick and span! No need to rinse and it won’t leave a residue!

The second is to have mats outside and inside your doors to prevent the salt and chemicals from getting tracked all over the house. The outside mats should be absorbent, with deep grooves that scrape off the soil. The inside mats should have a finer nap to remove smaller particles and absorb any moisture that can damage wood flooring. (Removing your shoes and boots at the door is a great way to keep your floors in good shape!)

Don’t forget to clean up your pets’ feet when they come in too! The salt and ice-melting chemicals can be very damaging to their paw pads. Not only will you be protecting your floors, you’ll be helping keep your furry friend’s feet healthy!

Like all Better Life products, Simply Floored is safe for people, pets, and the planet!



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