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Congratulations parents! Your newly independent college student is off on his/her own soaking up the freedom of college: new friends, new classes, new campus, new experiences!


Finally… some alone time, some peace and quiet, and a break from cleaning up after them! Well, maybe not quite yet. After that first visit to their dorm room (aka bedroom, living room, study room, & kitchen all-in-one), you may have realized you have one more lesson to teach before releasing them out into the “real” world: How to Clean their Dorm Room. Because small spaces = clutter and stink and you don’t want your baby living in that.


No need to panic, Better Life is here to help you teach your college kid how to keep their dorm room in tiptop shape.


Dorm Cleaning Essentials:


                        what-EVER! all-purpose cleaner

                        I Can See Clearly, Wow! glass cleaner

                        Even the Kitchen Sink cleansing scrubber

                        2 Twist loofah sponges

                        2 general purpose microfiber cleaning cloths

                        No Regrets liquid soap

                        Cool Calm Collected lotion

                        6 compartment tote

  • Green Screen electronic cleaner
  • Natural Stain & Odor Eliminator
  • Spin-Credible natural laundry detergent
  • Dish It Out natural dish soap
  • Trashcan
  • Recycling bin
  • Laundry bag


TRASH & RECYCLE- First things first. Pick up all the junk lying around. Throw empty pizza boxes, soda cans, water bottles, paper, etc in the recycling bin. Throw empty chip bags, candy bar wrappers, banana peels, etc in the trashcan. The trash can will get gross and stinky! So spray it down with Natural Stain & Odor Eliminator, pour in some water and swish it around. Dump in the toilet or sink. Now you have a nice smelling trashcan again. TIP: Take out the trash daily. This will help decrease the amount of stink in the room.


STRAIGHTEN & ORGANIZE - Pick up all the other clutter and books and put them up on your shelves or in the trashcan respectively. (Do NOT toss the finance book no matter how much you want to. You could have bought a used car for the price of that book!)


LAUNDRY - Any clothes that have stink or spills on them, can be sprayed with Natural Stain & Odor Eliminator to saturate the stain, before putting in the laundry bag. Now have grab that bag of laundry and the bottle of Spin-Credible laundry detergent and head to the Laundromat.



Hard Surfaces: Spray and wipe the mirrors and windows with I Can See Clearly, Wow glass cleaner. Then spray and wipe desks, shelves, dressers, and other surfaces with what-EVER! all-purpose cleaner. Don’t forget the doorknobs and other communal surfaces to help prevent the spread of colds and other sickness.

Electronics: Time to get rid of the greasy pizza fingers on all those electronic devices such as phones, laptops, t.v’s, tablets, etc. Spray and wipe with Green Screen electronic cleaner.

Fridge & Microwave: Toss all the science experiments in the trash (before you take it out). Spray and wipe it down inside and out with what-EVER! all-purpose cleaner. Next, spray the inside of the microwave and wipe out all the pizza sauce splatters.


DISHES - Take any dirty dishes that might be hanging around to the bathroom sink to wash thoroughly in hot water with Dish It Out dish soap and a loofah sponge. Don’t wash the big clumps of mold and food into the sink. Make sure you scrape them off into the trashcan before washing.


MAKE YOUR BED - Just do it. It will make your room look cleaner almost instantly.


CARPET - What about those spills or stains on the carpet? Spray with Natural Stain & Odor Eliminator and scrub with a damp microfiber cloth. Rinse the cloth and repeat until stain is removed. Note: Always best when done immediately, not just before mom comes to visit.


BATHROOM - Dorm bathrooms are the stuff of nightmares. We understand. If you have a shared suite bathroom, it would probably be a great idea to rotate who cleans it, at least weekly. You can see our bathroom-cleaning guide here. If you have a big communal bathroom you share with your floor, you may want to tuck that bottle of Even the Kitchen Sink scrubbing cleanser or what-EVER! all-purpose into your shower caddy, so you can do a quick scrub of the shower floor or wipe off the toilet seat (boy in room 603 needs to lay off the partying) before using them.


Now, have a look around if you are there helping this time or ask them to take a photo or video and send it to you. Looks pretty good. Give that college student of yours a pat on the back or what they really want – more cash!

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