Cleaning Myths Debunked

Cleaning Myths Debunked

The truth hurts sometimes...not just us but our floors too.

Ever wonder if your mom's ole "home recipe" for cleaning those hardwood and laminate floors is really working to remove dirt, grime and all around yuck? that family tradition really safe for your floors? 

We know everyone is always looking for the most effective and safe ways to clean their houses without harsh chemicals. Experts over at Lumber Liquidators were gracious enough to share the following graphic based on some pretty interesting research. 

Simply Floored is 100% plant-based, alcohol and synthetic fragrance-FREE, PH Neutral and works wonders.

Just when we thought that vinegar and steam cleaners were floor friendly!

Who knew that these (and many other cleaners) can actually leave our beautiful hardwood floors looking dull and boring! Simply Floored is 100% plant-based, alcohol and synthetic fragrance FREE, PH Neutral and works wonders.

Consciously, say HELLO! to a fresh citrus mint aroma after doing the floors, and say goodbye to people asking you why your house smells like salad dressing (Ewww). 

Take that hardwood floors! No seriously...take it... and guzzle it up. You'll thank us later. 


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