April 02, 2014

Outdoor Cleaning Tips

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Cleaning a Bird Bath

Has the winter grime left your bird bath caked in dirt?  Better Life’s all-purpose cleaner all-purpose cleaner can help restore your bird bath to a clean condition without leaving harmful toxins behind.  Just fill the basin with water and approximately ½ cup of the Scent Free what-EVER!   Wait approximately 30 minutes, then scrub the basin with a scrubby sponge or scrub brush and rinse clean with a hose.  Your bird friends will thank you the next time they take a clean drink and their sensitive noses will also appreciate not having any odors.


Cleaning Outdoor Furniture (woven plastic, metal, wood, vinyl)

Spray what-EVER! all-purpose cleaner on the furniture and use a damp scrubby sponge or scrub brush to get rid of all the dirt, bird droppings and grime. Then hose down and let dry!

To remove dirt, fingerprints and water spots from glass tables, Better Life’s I Can See Clearly, Wow! Window & glass cleaner, is up for the task.  Get that streak-free shine by spraying the surface, then wipe with a clean, dry microfiber cloth 

Better Life’s what-EVER! all-purpose cleaner is also safe to use on all of your outdoor furniture, including swing sets, plastic baby pools, kid’s picnic tables and chairs.


Cleaning Cushions & Umbrella

Many outdoor fabrics have a UV coating to help them block the sun’s harmful rays and to resist fading that comes with being in the sun all day.  Using cleaning products that contain solvents not only weakens the fabric, but breaks down and removes that coating. Luckily, all of Better Life’s cleaners are solvent-free & pH neutral, so they are safe for fabrics but tough on dirt and pollen to get your cushions and umbrellas ready for company again.  

Need to freshen those fabrics up after a winter in storage? Spray with Better Life’s Natural Stain & Odor Eliminator and let air dry. The natural yeast extracts will neutralize the musty smell.  Were you left with a stain on your cushion after the last al fresco dinner party? Just spray on the Natural Stain and Odor Eliminator and rub with a damp cloth.


Cleaning your Deck

Has your deck taken on a greenish hue? Put away the power washer and step away from those hazardous deck cleaners that end up rinsed into your rose garden. Just spray what-EVER! all-purpose cleaner directly on the deck or dilute in a bucket of water. Scrub railings and floor of the deck with a scrub brush and rinse the dirt, pollen and grime away!


Cleaning Grills

Nothing says warmer temperatures like a good old fashioned barbecue.  But, keeping those grills clean can often be a chore.  Better Life’s Even the Kitchen Sink takes the work, and extra elbow grease, out of grill cleaning.  This naturally powerful gentle cleansing scrubber works wonders on grills.  Squeeze the scrubber on to the grill’s surface, then scrub with a scrub brush and rinse.  Eat guilt-free knowing there are no toxin residues left to latch onto your grilled goodies.

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