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What can we say?  We really do have the best customers.    Several years ago we released a product called 2am Miracle to keep all the beautiful babies out there clean and SAFE from harsh chemicals and toxins.    Here are just a few reviews from the best customers on earth.  


Comments about better life 2am MIRACLE:

This product is awesome. I care for my elderly incontinent parent. In the past Ive used bleach on her clothes and bed for the urine odor leaving a lingering scent. Now I can honestly say the odor and stains are completely gone using the 2am cleaner. In the past I washed her clothes through 3 wash cycles with bleach just to remove the stain and odor but this product has proven to remove it with just a couple of sprays. Thank you guys! I truly recommend this product to anyone having difficulty removing urine odors and stains.


Comments about better life 2am MIRACLE:

This product is great for cleaning messes in the nursery, car, carseat, stroller. Any place that is hard to clean with traditional cleaners


Comments about better life 2am MIRACLE:

While we don't have children, I LOVE the smell of lavender and thought it would be a great cleaning product to use on the days I have migraines. It's soothing smell is amazing and it cleans wonderfully. I have used it in the kitchen and areas that need 'light' cleaning. Not sure if it would be strong enough for the bathroom. Worth the purchase!!!

To Tflash from Better Life: Thanks for the awesome review but just so you know, 2am is definitely strong enough for the bathroom!  Give it try and I sure you will agree! 

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